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RTX 4000 vbios 90.04.2A.00.0C


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I am searching for RTX 4000 mobile/Max-Q 0 gb (TU104GLM) vbios 90.04.2A.00.0C. I tried most on techpowerup.com. some install but prevent Nvidia drivers to fully  install leading to black screen. One of them bricked the card. Got   HP RTX 4000.BIN  90.04.4f.00.10 to work but having issues. 3DMark crashing on some benches sometimes and working fine on others. Sometimes BSOD. I made the mistake of thinking I backed up  vbios 90.04.2A.00.0C, but I cant find it.  The 90.04.4f.00.10 I got from the guy I bought the card from but its not the original for the card. So  vbios 90.04.2A.00.0C is what I need to find.          

Clevo P870DM3-G i9-9900k-32.0GB 2667mhz-RTX3080+GTX1080

Alienware M18x R2 i7-3920xm-32GB DDR3-RTX 3000 

Alienware M17x R4 i7-3940XM-16GB DDR3-RTX 3000

Alienware M17x R4 i7-3940XM 20GB DDR3-P4000 120hz 3D

Precision m6700 i7-3840QM-16GB DDR3-GTX 970M 
Precision m4700 i7-3740QM-16GB DDR3-T2000M

GOBOXX SLM  G2721-i7-10875H RTX 3000-32GB ddr4


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