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Questions about M18 R1


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Hi, I have to change my laptop and my current choice is between the Tongfang GM7PX7N (XMG Neo 17 / Eluktronics Mech-17) and the Alienware M18 (probably the R2, which should be nearly identical).

So, I wanted to ask some questions to M18 owners:

  1. How is the AWCC currently? Does it also give options to manage fan curves and cpu power limits?

  2. How has the cooling evolved over time in relation to temps? Does it still hold up?

  3. Is the Quiet profile usable in gaming? And if so, how quiet does it stay in-game?

  4. How is the display quality overall? I 've read that brightness is around 300-350 nit only, so I'm a bit worried about it. Can it be also used outside in the shade?

Basically, what I need is a laptop that acts as a desktop replacement and could grant me enough headroom to handle temps/fan noise, cause I don't want to worry about these any more than usual. Do you think the M18 might be a good choice? Would you recommend it?

Thanks in advance!

| CPU Intel Core i7-8750h @2,20 GHz - 4.10 GHz max | UV: -125mV core / -42mV cache
| GPU Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 | OC: +150MHz core / vram
| RAM Kingston HyperX Impact 32gb (16gbx2) @2666 MHz CL15 |
| SSD 256 GB NVMe + SSHD 1 TB FireCuda 5400rpm |
| DISPLAY AUO AHVA 15,6'' 1080p 144Hz | Acer IPS 27" 1440p 75Hz
| OS Windows 10 Home 64Bit |


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