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Is there anyway to build your own Wi-Fi 7 access point?


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I was wondering if there is any motherboard where I can have 1 m.2 slot for the nvme and boot linux and then an additional 4 or 8 m.2 slots for separate laptop BE200 network interface cards to drive 8 or 16 antennas as a high capacity access point? and open source software like pfsense to manage it?

If there is, it would be more cost effective than the insane prices manufacturers want for wi-fi 7 routers or access points right now.

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I bought a BE550 a few weeks ago and its great for what it is, but that doesnt say much.  honestly its still tops to use ethernet like a usb c to 2.5gb adaptor. i have a fully wifi 7 setup and ping is 2ms faster than wifi 6 and honestly after 500 bucks spent its jut not worth it. hard pass


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