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Alienware 18 Rtx 5000 Issues

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Hello everyone, some of you guys may have followed my post on the rtx 5000 install. I just have a few hiccups I would like to try to fix. Do any of you guys have issues installing nvidia drivers through a normal setup. I had to install inf through device manager to get the drivers to install. But even after getting them installed I feel like I'm not getting the performance out of the card I was expecting. I feel as though I get very large frame fluctuations in some games. My best guess might be that maybe the card is either not getting enough power or installing the drivers through device manager the way I did could be the cause. Maybe the drivers aren't entirely functional I don't get dlss options in any games. Has anyone experienced issues like these with an rtx card.

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Watch my YouTube video on how to mod inf:


NVIDIA INF Driver Mod (Easy NVcleaninstall Method)


for the power issue, you need to do the resistor mod. Addinga R004 resistor to the existing one. Thanks for @Falinov for the mod. You should report back since for adlink RTX 3000 it doesn’t help.


here’s the mod:




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This probably won't help, but it's worth trying because it's quick and represents a strange quirk that affects a number of aw models: both the m17x r4 and 17 r1 would supply more consistent power to oversized/after-market gpus after coming back up from hibernate...


(that said, it's probably the resistor... but we can laugh for a bit if something changes post-hib anyway)

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