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Received my replacement M18R2 for the completely failed M18R1 that I have had for almost a year now.  Repasted it with LM, undervolted it and pushed it a bit.  Pretty happy with the scores overall.  The R1 never managed to get past 199w for me before, but this one is hitting 204w thus far.  Needless to say it's still getting hot, but at that wattage I am not surprised.  

EDIT: Added a bit more LM, didn't add enough on the first pass.  Temps are better now, only one core is hitting 100c , the rest are still in the 90's, but it's pulling 206w and holding around 192w. 


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Alienware M18R2 | i9 14900hx | RTX4090 | 64GB DDR5 

Alienware Area51m | i9 9900k | RTX2080 | 64GB DDR4

Alienware M15R5 | R9 5900hx | RTX3070 | 32GB DDR4

Alienware 17R4 | i7 7820HK | GTX1080 | 32GB DDR3 ( Dead, RIP )

Alienware Aurora R13 | i7 12700k | RTX3070Ti | 32GB DDR4

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