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M18 R1 - Slow battery depletion under heavy load, plugged in

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Hi, all. I've noticed that under heavy gaming load (Helldivers 2, specifically - but I've seen a few other titles do it in a less noticeable fashion - looking at you, The Finals) the battery slowly depletes (while the laptop is plugged in).


Now, I've read that it's pretty common for gaming laptops to dig into their batteries when the PSU can't deliver the necessary power to field all of the components at full burn.


That said, according to HWInfo, a Kill-A-Watt, and a 780w Eurocom PSU (with a little diagnostic LCD on the side), the laptop's not drawing more than ~313w at peak.


Granted, this level of battery depletion isn't much of a problem - we're talking like 5% / hour in most cases (under the "normally plugged in" power profile or whatever it's called), it just seems... odd... and like it may be putting unnecessary cycles on the battery.


Anyway - has anyone else encountered this? Any speculation as to why the laptop would dig into the battery rather than attempt to draw more from the PSU (especially the over-provisioned, 780w PSU)? And to that, has anyone spotted any PSYS values in UMAF or [can't remember the name of the other way people are modding the bios] that might be capped out below 330w?

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