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ObsidianPC P751TM1 with extras


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Looking to sell my precious 😄


Obsidian Clevo P751TM1 with prema bios (it was a personal build from Prema to me)

Intel 9700KF

64Gb of RAM - 4 x 16Gb Crucial Ballistix 3200Mhz (16-18-18-36)

nVidia RTX 2070

Samsung 970 Evo 500Gb (with custom heatsinks)

NV156FHM-NY8 FullHD 15.6" 165Hz screen (since it's a upgrade from the original screen it does not have G-Sync enabled)

LiteOn Original 330w power supply

Portuguese keyboard



Original Clevo upgraded CPU + GPU fans (the ones with more blades than the first iteration fans)

Modded Alienware 51m CPU + GPU fans (performance is similar to the other fans, but sound is smoother)

Thermal Grizzly Minus pad 8 Thermal pads in the heatsink

CHICONY A15-330P1A Power adaptor (a bit smaller and lighter than the original one)
VESA Mount Laptop stand (can sell it with the arm)

64gb SD Memory card

Logitech G403 Wireless mouse


I'm a bit reluctant to sell it, but the truth is I don't take the laptop anywhere now and I it's more useful to have a desktop.

I was thinking of selling in eBay or similar, but I guess it would have a better home if I sell it here.

I'm in Portugal, so selling to an EU country is preferred.


How much should I ask for it?

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