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    Since alot of us are gamers/benchmarkers why not pool the data into a guide. I will be building this guide for the next couple weeks adding a bit here and there. I will be showing which services can be turned to off granted it doesn't interfere with gaming and benchmarking, but if you care about other functionality like teams/skype ect this is not the thread for you. Anyone with one or two tweaks feel free to post and I'll add it to the guide, hopefully we can get more people interested.



Here is a list of services that can be safely turned off(set to stop/manual or disabled). new ones added daily







Here is a list of services that must be enabled for gaming/benchmarking and general functionality. new ones added hopefully less often haha




List and links to programs that are low impact and useful for things from undervolting/overclocking/and RGB lights


1) Throttle stop/  Download ThrottleStop 9.6 | TechPowerUp

2) MSI Afterburner/ Afterburner (msi.com)

3) Nvidia Profile Inspector/ Releases · Orbmu2k/nvidiaProfileInspector (github.com)

4) Open RGB/ OpenRGB

5) ESO Download Easy Service Optimizer v1.2 (sordum.org)





keep note if you want rgb light and omen control panel/amoury crate ect that will add to the amount of processes needed. but I say set it up how you like it then turn it off.

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            Omen 16 2021

            Zenbook 14 oled

            Vivobook 15x oled


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heres with just control panel and nvidia profile inspector tweaks/will post settings used














these are the optimal settings and should give the equivalent of a 60mhz overclock


This is tweaked setting no overclock, its higher than 99 percent of peoples score while overclocked. so this can make a pretty significant difference



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            Omen 16 2021

            Zenbook 14 oled

            Vivobook 15x oled


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here i used this script for my liking maybe too agressive maybe you need services to your liking.

use powershell ad admin i just copy and paste then enter. feel free to edit as you wish.


# Description:
# This script disables unwanted Windows services. If you do not want to disable
# certain services comment out the corresponding lines below.
$services = @(
"AJRouter" # AllJoyn Router Service
"ALG" # Application Layer Gateway Service
"tzautoupdate" # Auto Time Zone Updater
"BDESVC" # BitLocker Drive Encryption Service
"CertPropSvc" # Certificate Propagation
"DiagTrack" # Connected User Experiences and Tele
"MapsBroker" # Downloaded Maps Manager
"Fax" # Fax
"SharedAccess" # Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
"iphlpsvc" # IP Helper
"AppVClient" # Microsoft App-V client
"MsKeyboardFilter" # Microsoft Keyboard Filter
"CscService" #  Offline Files
"Spooler" # Print Spooler
"PrintNotify" # Printer Extensions and Notifications
"RemoteRegistry" # Remote Registry
"RetailDemo" # Retail Demo Service
"RemoteAccess" # Routing and Remote Access
"seclogon" # Secondary Logon
"shpamsvc" # Shared PC Account Manager
"SCardSvr" # Smart Card
"ScDeviceEnum" # Smart Card Device Enumeration Service
"SCPolicySvc" # Smart Card Removal Policy
"TabletInputService" # Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Pane
"UevAgentService" # User Experience Virtualization Service
"WbioSrvc" # Windows Biometric Service
"wisvc" # Windows Insider Service
"WSearch" # Windows Search
"LanmanWorkstation" # Workstation
"TrkWks" # Distributed Link Tracking Client
"SEMgrSvc" # Payments and NFC/SE Manager
"NgcSvc" # Microsoft Passport
"wlidsvc" # Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant
"DispBrokerDesktopSvc" # Display Policy Service
"XblAuthManager" #  Xbox Live Auth Manager
"RasMan" # Remote Access Connection Manager
"BthAvctpSvc" # AVCTP service
"lmhosts" # TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
"VaultSvc" # Credential Manager
"cphs" # Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Service
"LanmanServer" # Server
"Themes" # Themes
"SstpSvc" # Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service
"lfsvc" # Geolocation Service

"hidserv" # Human Interface Device Service
"WPDBusEnum" # Portable Device Enumerator Service
"SSDPSRV" # SSDP Discovery
"fdPHost" # Function Discovery Provider Host
"FDResPub" # Function Discovery Resource Publication
"SENS" # System Event Notification Service
"edgeupdate" # Microsoft Edge Update Service (edgeupdate)
"edgeupdatem" # Microsoft Edge Update Service (edgeupdatem)
"NcdAutoSetup" # Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup
"PcaSvc" # Program Compatibility Assistant Service  
"WerSvc" # Windows Error Reporting Service
"diagsvc" # Diagnostic Execution Service
"DPS" # Diagnostic Policy Service
"WdiServiceHost" # Diagnostic Service Host
"WdiSystemHost" #  Diagnostic System Host   
"RmSvc" # Radio Management Service

"DMAgent" # Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Red Bend Device Management Service
"WiMAXAppSrv" # Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Service
"ApHidMonitorService" # Alps HID Monitor Service
"DellFFDPWmiService" #  Dell Free Fall Data Protection WMI Service

"EFS" # Encrypting File System
"WMPNetworkSvc" # helps windows media player to share its library with network  

"FrameServer " # Windows Camera Frame Server

"SensorService" # Sensor Service
"SensrSvc " # Sensor Monitoring Service
"AssignedAccessManagerSvc" # AssignedAccessManager Service
"EventLog" # Windows Event Log

"CDPSvc" # Connected Devices Platform Service
"diagnosticshub.standardcollector.service" # Microsoft (R) Diagnostics Hub Standard Collector Service
"dmwappushservice" # Device Management Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Push message Routing Service
"PushToInstall" # Windows PushToInstall Service 
"seclogon" # Secondary Logon 
"SensrSvc" # Sensor Monitoring Service
"SgrmBroker" # System Guard Runtime Monitor Broker
"upnphost" # UPnP Device Host  
"WalletService" # WalletService
"wercplsupport" # Problem Reports Control Panel Support
"WerSvc" # Windows Error Reporting Service
"XblGameSave" # Xbox Live Game Save
"XboxGipSvc" # Xbox Accessory Management Service
"XboxNetApiSvc" # Xbox Live Networking Service 
"FontCache" # Windows Font Cache Service
"ShellHWDetection" # Shell Hardware Detection
foreach ($service in $services) {
Write-Output "Trying to disable $service"
Get-Service -Name $service | Set-Service -StartupType Disabled


 then i run this to manual state



# Description:
# This script disables unwanted Windows services. If you do not want to disable
# certain services comment out the corresponding lines below.
$services = @(
"O2FLASH" # 02flash memorycard
"DusmSvc" # data usage
"StorSvc" # Storage Service
"LicenseManager" # Windows License Manager Service
"edgeupdate" # Microsoft Edge Update Service (edgeupdate)
"WpnService" # Windows Push Notifications System Service
"UsoSvc" # Update Orchestrator Service
"OODefragAgent" # O&O Defrag
"ShellHWDetection" # Shell Hardware Detection
"stisvc" # Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

"TermService" # Remote Desktop Services
"BITS" # Background Intelligent Transfer Service
"KeyIso" # CNG Key Isolation
"Netlogon" # Netlogon

"DoSvc" # Delivery Optimization
"edgeupdate" # Microsoft Edge Update Service


foreach ($service in $services) {
Write-Output "Trying to manual $service"
Get-Service -Name $service | Set-Service -StartupType Manual


dell precision m4600

i7 2760QM

8GB ram

MX500 crucial SSD 500GB.

win 10 21H2

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