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Highest resolution/refresh rate from the P870TM


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Got my 4k 160Hz display but that's never been quite stable and was getting some odd resolution behaviour. I moved to an active mini DP to HDMI 2.1 cable from club3d and it's happy at 4k 144Hz (160Hz produces corruption) which is good enough for me. What's the best you have had out of it?

Sager NP9877

Hybrid Watercooled setup, D5 pump with dual 140MM fans integrated into custom stand. All controlled via temp outputs from GPU and CPU.

17.3" 1440p 120Hz display + 32" 4k MSI IPS 160Hz display

9900KS @ 4.8Ghz (47x102Mhz) All core, delid with rockit IHS, liquid metal

RTX 3080 @ 1920/8000 shunt mod

32GB (16x2 dual rank) 3280Mhz DDR4 CL16



Dual 330W PSU 

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Based on what I know HDMI 2.1 has enough bandwidth natively to support 4K 144Hz with HDR10 video. Everything above (up to 240Hz in 4K resolution) can really only work with DSC compression and it strongly depends on the hardware used, such as the cable and the HDMI interface controller used in the monitor.

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