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FPS/Hz question


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You may laugh, but i never have owned a system, that is capable of running/displaying more than 60fps.


What FPS or Hz do you see as a minimum for improvement after the base value of 60? I don't play shooters, MMOs are the most action the system would be getting.


I am pretty sure, i will need a new laptop and a monitor to get anything above 60 fps/Hz - my current display only supports 60Hz - but the main question are the minimum requirement. Resolution is also key. Huge difference between 2160p or 1440p, even for older games.

2017 Clevo Laptop, TuxedoOS/Win11

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@Linux There is nothing funny about this, I have been using a 1080p display with a 60Hz frequency for a long time and it suited me perfectly for browsing and interacting with the system.


I think you will definitely see an improvement from a 120+ Hz monitor, the movements of windows and other content on the screen will become smoother, this is what I noted in the first place.


As for the resolution, it's probably depends more on the screen size and your requirements or preferences, so try to take a personal look at different models 1080p and above to choose the most comfortable for you.

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It's a pretty good choice, I think you've already appreciated the increased frequency and higher resolution, as well as HDR support and low 1ms response.

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