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Help understanding Fiber (running fiber SPP keystones in roooms in home


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This is what I am working with.


I have 8gig fiber coming into the house from the street

I have a Wi-Fi 7 router with fiber in from the wall in the room

I am going Cat 8 out of the router on a 2.5gig port into an ethernet into an 8 port  + 2 uplink (All SFP Ports) switch.

This is where I don't know what I need.


I have 2 of these 8 Port SFP switches, one next to the router and one on the other side of the house. instead of running 4 cat 8 cables through the walls to the other side of the house, I want to run 4 duplex 100gig or 200 gig fiber cables between the switches sort of as the backbone of the home network.

Plugged into the empty SPF ports of the switches will be fiber connections going into Wi-Fi7 access points around the home and some outside also.

What type of fiber cables am I looking for? The longest distance is going to be about 175FT from any of the 2 switches. Spectrum and Google are going to be offering 20gigi fiber to homes in my area shortly and I only want to run fiber through the walls once and I think we are at the point were fiber is just cheaper and simpler than 8a or what ever will replace cat 8. SPF switches also use less power and are getting dirt cheap now.

I am willing to spend money on 400gig 175 ft cables if its not that much more to future proof it a little longer.

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