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M16R1/M18R1 Smokeless UMAF Bios Options


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Hi, NT. I'm working on a list of useful Smokeless UMAF bios options for the M16R1 and M18R1 and could use some assistance cataloguing. If there's interest, I'll keep editing this lead post to reflect submissions. Here's what I have so far:




Power & Performance > CPU - Power Management Control > CPU Lock Configuration > CFG Lock
Suggested setting: <Disabled>

Remarks: Not sure if this does anything tbh


Power & Performance > CPU - Power Management Control > CPU Lock Configuration > Overclocking Lock
Suggested setting: <Disabled>


Overclocking Performance Menu > UnderVolt Protection
Suggested setting: <Disabled>

Remarks: Only available 1.12.1 and earlier. After that, the option is missing from the menu. You can still under-volt from here, however. In Windows, the values you set here will represent the maximum value that ThrottleStop etc will be able to access. We probably need to use grubx64 from here out to change this value.


Overclocking Performance Menu > Processor > Per Core Ratio Override
OCLV2 = <57/57/54/54/52/52/49/49>

Remarks: More-aggressive P-core under-volting may require bringing the 57/57 down to 56/56

Overclocking Performance Menu > Processor > P-core Voltage Offset [P Core]
Suggested setting: Varies based on silicone lottery. -50 is generally safe.


Overclocking Performance Menu > Ring > Ring Voltage Offset [P Cache]
Suggested setting: Varies based on silicone lottery. Broadly safe values not known.


Overclocking Performance Menu > GT > GT Voltage Offset [Intel GPU Core]
Suggested setting: Varies based on silicone lottery. Broadly safe values not known.


CPU Configuration > Legacy Game Compatibility Mode
Suggested setting: <Enabled>
Remarks: Scroll lock now parks and un-parks your e-cores. Useful if you're having trouble with games throwing their main thread on the e-cores and... don't use scroll lock for anything else.



Notes and knowledge gaps:


I wasn't able to effectively set the per-core ratio override without first setting the Dell bios to OCLV2 under the performance menu (by effectively I mean that I could set the values but they wouldn't be respected by the time I got to Windows). I'm sure there's something being toggled in there but haven't found it...


I've not found a setting for changing the e-cache voltage yet...


I've seen some people on the Alienware reddit mention meddling with the ACLL... and I'm not familiar with that acronym. Given that they usually say they set it to 70 from 56, I'm assuming it's one of the power level long limits. I haven't gone looking for it yet...


I'd love to find whatever setting is limiting the laptop to drawing only 330w from the PSU (wherein presently when it caps, it pulls from the battery). I have a 780w PSU on hand and would be interested to see how far the M18 would dig in if allowed.


Anyway, please say if you'd like to add anything here in terms of useful settings and where to find them...

AW M18 R1 | i9-13900HX | RTX4090 | 64GB DDR5 

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AW M15X | i7-940XM | GTX970m | 16GB DDR3

Formerly Schurke of NBR and TechInferno

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