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DLSS 3(Frame Generation-double Framerates) MOD for 3xx series graphics cards


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Hi guys, I thought I'd share something with the community. You can download for free and use DLSS FG for 30 series cards I have not tried it with 20 series cards but its confirmed with the laptop 3060. all you do is download two files then copy and paste them into each folder where the exe for the game is. really easy then you simply enable fg, not tweaking nessessary, and this will breath new life into you 3 series cards, for example the 4060 has 10 percent faster performance and like 80 percent fast performance with fg, now i can re gain some of the loss and have it within the 10 percent preventing me from the need to upgrade.



step one: sign up or login to--- dlssg-to-fsr3 (Replace Nvidia DLSS-G Frame Gen with AMD FSR 3 Frame Gen) at Modding Tools - Nexus Mods


step two: extract the files


step three: double click and run this file




its in the folder as easy as double clicking.


step four: copy the two dll files






paste them into the games exe folder. dx12 where available





here's a list of games that will benefit from DLSS 3


NVIDIA DLSS & GeForce RTX: List Of All Games, Engines And Applications Featuring GeForce RTX-Powered Technology And Features | GeForce News | NVIDIA



here's an example, it's not the best but it shows the real life gains. 47 up to 69fps with a simple on off toggle of FG













Noticeable going from 39fps to 52fps


the witcher 3 which is a big game and many will use this mod solely for it, its a 30 percent gain. looks identical off vs on



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