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How do I know which fiber optic cable I need to buy?


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I have 8gig Google Fiber, AT&T Fiber and Specturm is laying fiber in the neighborhood.  I am choosing to go with 8gig fiber from one of them and they are talking about 20 gig fiber to residential homes in 12-18 months for 8k video streaming.


That is what is available now and potentially in less than 2 years from now.

The next question is the network in the home. Cat 5/5e 6/6a are not going to handle that type of bandwidth that well. I already have a Cat 8 patch cable going from the fiber box to the the router that services the rest of the home.

Right now I am running a Wifi 6E router and will be upgrading to a WiFi 7 router with SFP ports as soon as I see one that is decent.

The issue is that the router sits on 1 side of the home so the wifi signals that reach the opposite corner of the house, while good, aren't as good as being closer to the router.


I have looked at some of the Wifi 7 mesh systesms and even if I go that route, the mesh access point needs to be hard wired with eithernet or fiber back to the router for the best possible connection with the least amount of latency.

I have a cat5e cable that runs under the house from one side to the other and I want to replace that with a 100gig duplex fiber cable  as my backbone.


Temporarily I was going to use media converted like this (10g) untill 100g ones come available. Or use an 8 port SPF switch if I can find one that will do 100G for a back bone.




If I am ultimately going this route, I have no idea what fiber cable I need to buy to run under the house. I will need about 150 feet ( ground run ) going through the walls to wall jacks.

I only want to crawl under the house once and be done so I might actually run 3 or 4 sets of duplex 100g fiber cables at 1 time for future expansion.

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