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Dell Precision 7770 cant turn HDR off - screen just flickers on/off non stop


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Hopefully someone else has been able to solve this issue.


Problem as follows:

Last week I noticed that if I unplugged my laptop power and went on to battery that the screen would start flashing off and on continuously until I plugged the power back in. (always did it once or twice but stayed on no issues before)

Tried the whole refresh rate thing didnt make a difference


Even if I booted it up without power plugged in it would still do it.


(PC spends 98% of its life on battery so not sure when this started)


I then figured out that if I turn HDR on when on Battery (HDR optimised for image quality) that it would not flicker at all not even when unplugging or plugging power in, (has always been On when PLUGGED IN and OFF for battery since purchasing it)


I then tried to turn HDR OFF when plugged in and HDR OFF (HDR optimised for battery life) when on battery, the problem then returned, screen flashing on and off whether plugged in to power or on battery. PC becomes completely useless.


This means that I can no longer use the Laptop unless I have HDR activated all the time.

This just chews battery power.


PC and details below:

I have a Dell Precision 7770

12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12950HX   2.30 GHz

32gB RAM

Win 11 Pro 22h2

Nvidia RTX A3000 12GB

Software is only Office 365 and nothing else.

Normal Dell updates and Window updates done.


Tried to undo Dell updates and return to previous date but somehow one of the last updates turned that feature off so I cant go back in time.


I really don't want to have to reinstate to factory ( knowing Dell it wont and I will have to rebuild each deriver etc.)

I am hoping someone has seen this before.

I have Googled since Friday spent hours a day since and cant find anything online with the same issues.


Please Help if you can.

Regards DavidQ

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