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Leia Lume Pad 2: Strikingly good


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Alright, so I purchased a Lume pad 2 3d for 499 usd a few days ago and got to test it out and compare it against apple samsung and lenovo.


I felt inclined to share it with you guys because its that good and I have never had luck with computers(good deal tech wise) and this thing is unbeatable.


Batterylife: 10 hours

Max battery life: looping 1080p min brightness 33 hours wifi off

gaming: 18hours min brightness wifi off

I want to note when you use like 0 percent the screen is easy on eyes and brighter than most tablets at this brightness suprisingly bright even at 10 percent up.


performance: SD 888 got me around 3850 in geek bench 6 and 899000 in antutu, so this will be enough for many years to come

screen: 2560x1600 400nits  great colors great contrast great screen, one downside is its very reflective and in the end the tablets only flaw.


audio: no headphone jack, bluetooth 5.2 and the speakers I do believe are the loudest out of all tablets I have tested including the p11 pro gen 2. they are incredibly clear and loud with nice lows and mids.


build quality: thing feels like I could drop it off a mountain cliff, it is incredibly rigid.


reasons to buy:


Ok this might suprise you or maybe not but this this uses AI 2d to 3d and does glasses free 3d. no glasses aka no gimmick. dont chime in and say glasses free 3d is a gimmick as our vision is 3d and well x axis y axis and adding z axis is new. the 2d-3d conversion of every movie and picture is impressive, it wont pop out of the screen but it will look rounded and have depth like your looking through a window and things will appear natural. I use the tablet mainly for 2d but when im in the mood to watch a david attenborough documentary, i can and its in 3d. this is a worlds first for tablets using ai to convert to glasses free 3d and honestly after watching a 30 min doc 2 hours ago i feel calm collected and relaxed it definitely has benefits. if you dont own a decent tablet and want to know what the best is bang for buck and or features. if you have to have oled the p11 pro gen 2 is the best at 500cad and the lumepad 2  is the best tablet under 1000cad as far as features go.


if you can wait a few months and have to see 3d like this well honestly id wait, as the zte nubia 3d gen 2 this tablets successor is coming out with basically double the specs and if its under 800usd its a must own toy/device.



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