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New laptops announced at MWC 2022


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They're finally adding a high-refresh display to the X1 Extreme. It looks to be the exact same 2560x1600 165 Hz panel from the Legion 7 and 5 Pro. Hopefully it will be G-Sync compatible as well. Also pleased to see that apparently all models will now have two M.2 storage slots, which is something that was missing from ones that had RTX 3060 and higher GPUs.


If I hadn't managed to snag a clearance Razer Blade 15, I would be all over this. 

Desktop: Ryzen 5 5600X3D | 32 GB RAM | GeForce RTX 3080 | 4 TB SSD | Windows 11

Gigabyte Aorus 16X: Core i7-14650HX | 32 GB RAM | GeForce RTX 4070 | 1 TB SSD | Windows 11

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Gaming: Ryzen 7 6800H | 16 GB RAM | GeForce RTX 3050 | 512 GB SSD | Windows 11

Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Pro: Ryzen 5 5600U | 16 GB RAM | Radeon Graphics | 512 GB SSD | Windows 11


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