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Facebook group for anyone interested


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We talked about it before NBR shut down and I created this Facebook group.




It isn’t really set up to post, just for member to keep touch with one another.


Toughbooktalk web site was updated and is back going. We were always between NBR and toughbooktalk.



I have been meaning to re-create some of the Sticky threads for here, but just started a new job so I have been busy. I am working on word documents to make a rough draft of everything then get it posted up. Going to start with what the basic models, and what they have under the hood. Then post the re-created threads.


No stepping on any toes, we were all trying something so the community could stay in touch.

Toughbook CF-19Mk3, Mk5, Mk6, CF-31 Mk3, CF-U1 Mk1, Mk2.5, CF-52 Mk1 Hi, CF-28 Mk2, CF-29 Mk3, CF-07,


Alienware 17 R5 i7-8750H, GTX 1070, 16GB, 1TB HD ,256GB SSD


Voodoo Pc Envy M355, M360, U703, M780,


Desktop cases

Voodoo Hexx, Rage, Omen, Idol

Alienware Predator 2, Hanger 18

Falcon Northwest Tiki

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