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Strange issue with 3920xm cpu


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Something strange happened with 18x r2 the old cpu 3920xm works perfectly with integrated gpu i see it in bios . but when i use  discrate gpu it gives me 8 peeps . And when using 3720qm works fine with discrate and integrated gpu . What is this problem ? I tried official bios and unlocked bios with 3920xm same issue . Is the processor fulty ????

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i might be wrong here but try this :

- insert the 3720QM then go to the bios , convert primary display in advanced tap to PEG then save and shutdown . 

- swap the processor with the 3920XM then try 


Alienware M18X R1, i7 2960XM @ 4.4Ghz, Nvidia GTX 880M SLI , 32GB RAM , samsung 840pro + samsung 860evo ( THE BEST I EVER HAVE)

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