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AMD FirePro M6100 overclocking vBIOS mod (+ 8***M and R9 M*** series)


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Here is my very old FirePro M6100 vBIOS mod project from a dead forum. I think this mod can be still useful even today.


As the unmodified FirePro doesn't support software overclocking, the only way is to modify vBIOS. Most recent (for that time) public vBIOS modding tools didn't work with some new graphics cards (including M6100, M280X and so on), so that's why there is only a "HEX" way for modification.

I had many sleepless nights and done a lot of work on modding, so there is a really huge difference between my early and current builds. Here is what we have for now.


Mystery Magic ver.1
-- Core is clocked to 1150mhz, memory - 1650mhz
-- Maximum total consuming power set to 100W
-- Throttling, voltage and GPU fan adjustments
-- Software overclock is available now with overclocking capabilities up to 1320@1800mhz
-- UVD states are disabled


Mystery Magic ver.2

Changes compared to ver.1:

--- Fan and TDP adjustments
--- Stable 1188mhz core clock


Performance vs stock vBIOS: up to 17% more.


vBIOS mods directory
My collection of original mobile vBIOS


Flashing instruction:

atiflash.exe -p -f 0 bios.rom


!!!Before flashing, backup your original vBIOS and create bootable recovery usb drive!!!

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Nice mod! Amd still kept refreshing his drivers to this card? And is it worth the more pwr consume rather than changing the card to a newer or stronger mxm card? Btw the m6100 is a very cool card, in my Dell m6700 with 3720qm its maxed around 50C with almost not spinning fans, or the M6700 has good colling solution cuz the 980m and 970m was cooler, and has significantly lower fan noise compared to a clevo p370sm3 . 

HP Omen Transcend 16 13700HX/32GB 4800mhz/RTX 4070 105W/QHD 240Hz IPS.

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