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MSI GT83VR with 18.4" 4K Screen Possible?

Rengsey R. H. Jr.

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1 hour ago, Rengsey R. H. Jr. said:

Hello fellow members, new and old. I just picked up a GT83VR , with i7-6820HK with Dual 1070s for $639. Yes it's a great deal lol. 


My question. Is , will a 18.4" 4K LCD work in this laptop? 


Good to see another familiar name from the Notebook Review forums!


Unfortunately you will not be able to just drop in the only display that could go into the GT83 as it has a different connector compared to what is in the GT83VR.


If you check on this site you should find both your original panel and the possible replacements, one of which was used in the Asus GX800:



The replacement candidates have an eDP connector while the original panel has an LVDS connector, I think it was a Samsung panel.


While there are converters between eDP and LVDS I am not sure if they would be of help in your situation, maybe other members already have more experience with that subject?

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