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Tell me a story about Legion 7


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Thinking about purchasing this:




Apparently it was recieved as a gift and is unopened.

Anything I need to know about the laptop itself? The reviews I've read on Legions seem to be fairly positive. Things I'm wondering about: how locked down is the BIOS? Is a battery life of ~6-7 hours realistic?(seems to be the range in the reviews) Can the CPU/GPU be undervolted? (Never had an AMD machine). Finally, my main OS will be a Linux flavour. How well adapted are Legions to Linux - or vise-versa?



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Lenovo's BIOS is about the same as most other laptop makers - not a ton of options. More than Asus but far less than the MSI Advanced BIOS that is unlockable via an "epic cheat code" to quote Jarrod's Tech. With Ryzen, 7+ hours of battery is easily achievable, but you must disable or uninstall the Corsair iCue software, which is used to control the RGB lighting. GPU undervolting is possible via MSI Afterburner, but the Legion's cooling is well up to the task so such action is not necessary. AMD CPUs cannot be undervolted. The best you can do is limit the TDP, which is possible via the Ryzen Controller software. Linux should be reasonably well supported because the performance modes and several of the lighting effects are baked into the firmware. You should watch Jarrod's Tech's review of this laptop for more complete details.

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The above purchase was a total no-go. The guy had no proof of purchase - basically means, no warranty since nobody will touch it without one. Plus he would only take cash or etransfer and pretty much accused me of being a scammer for wanting to use Paypal - completely ignoring the fact that he didn't have any pics or anything to even prove the computer actually exists (the pic I posted here is literally the only pic in his ad).


Enough rant… I am still interested in a Legion, but F-me, they are stupidly overpriced in Canada - not to mention needing to wait 3mo. or more just to get one and I don't think their outlet store ships outside the US

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3 hours ago, Bullit said:

I would check that store. Canada is a major country.  I am in Portugal and we have a Lenovo digital store. basically in some place in Europe they have a depot send it to every country here in Europe.

Lenovo does have a Canadian online store. Just the problem - like pretty much everything here in Canada, is limited selection & paying too much compared to other countries.

I did end up buying a machine through their eBay store during the current sale (plus eBay had an additional 15% off code). Chatting with support when I was trying to decide if I should buy they mentioned the regardless of where I purchase it from, it'd be shipped from their US warehouse, with Lenovo covering the cost of duties and taxes.

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I wonder if OP has pulled the trigger for the Legion 7? And how well does Linux run on it?

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