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AMD Phoenix and Dragon range cpus.


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So as seen through the link. Amd ryzen 7000 cpus seen to have some specs leaked.


We have something new called Dragon Range. Which is basically Raphael downsized to laptop. It's AMD's answer to intel's 12th gen H series. Those are used for enthusiast gaming laptops. Which means a dgpu will be needed. Cuz of this it will still have an igpu. But only to 2cu for basic stuff and the igpu is rdna2 not rdna3.



 It will also be the first laptop ryzen range with more than 8 cores. 


Phoenix is made more for thin and lights. Or the HS series. Thing is instead of being just 35w. It seems to be 35-45w.


I have kinda a small doubt that the highest end igpu will match a 3060 max-q. That's a very bold claim.

It's also the first Chiplet design for laptops. Zen 4, Rnda 3, and Memory will be in separate modules in a single package.

There is also some theory that zen 4 Phoenix might have infinity cache for the memory.





Video Source: https://youtu.be/uT4D6QCJpxw

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