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[WTB] AKG H85 shock mount or XLR mic comperable in sound to the C3000


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Gonna note this at the start: price isn't too much of an issue for me, although if possible I'd like to keep under 200€ as much as possible.


I got an AKG C3000 a couple of months ago before my move used and unfortunately it didn't come with the bundled shock mount, which is starting to bother me in a lot of ways. I'd like to buy one, but unfortunately I'm not having any luck finding one that ships to Spain, so I figured I'd turn here and see if anyone here would have either the H85 mount for it or something comparable to the C3000 as a microphone.


For reference, I'd prefer it to be ideal to female vocals (for a given reason), and I'd be more than happy to cover shipping to here. Let me know if you have anything and maybe we can work out a price?

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