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Gateway Tongfang 17.3" i7 3050ti 120hz 16gb 1tb


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I came across this on walmart website. On vipoutlet it's 50$ cheaper new than the walmart site but I think you only get 30days returns on there as opposed to walmart is 90 days. I know a lot of people say it's only 14 days but from experience they'll take back laptops within 90 days with a receipt. I've had good luck for 1.5 years with the 2060 15.6 variant. I can't tell where the webcam is on this model but suspect with the new chassis they've moved it to the top as opposed to the nosecam of mine from 2020.


The 3050ti seems to be the equivalent to the 2060 but it only has 4gb vram. From mine it probably has a mux switch unless they changed it but tongfang variants usually don't. The i7 looks to be a quad only. 120hz ips, 16gb ram, 1tb nvme, from reviews on the gateway site it looks like it has a 2.5" bay. I couldn't find any official reviews by major sites only user reviews on walmart and gateway sites. Still it's not too bad for 900-950, although I'm pretty sure you can get a 3060 15.6" equivalent for not much more.





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Walmart return policy on laptops is 30 days.


The i7 11800H is an 8-core/16-thread CPU so that's not a problem. I'd be concerned about the response times and color gamut of the 120 Hz screen. If it's anything like the 15-inch ones found on entry-level Lenovo and Dell laptops, it's not going to be particularly good.


$900-$950 is an OK deal for a machine with these specs. If it had a 3060, it would be a no-brainer.

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Yeah I think what I did, in late 2020, was got one of those asus or acer gtx 1650 laptops around nov 15 and walmarts holiday extended return policy doesn't start the 30 days until dec 26 for things bought there between nov 1 and dec 25. So I had it close to 2.5 months before returning it for a full refund, when I got this 15.6 gateway rtx 2060.


For that size it's a good deal I've only seen 3060 laptops for around 1000 at the 15.6. NotebookCheck didn't do any review I could find so no way to know what the gamut and response times are but yeah they are probably not the best like mine but good enough for general users imo Someone asked about the mux switch and they said no but I'd guess whoever answered had no idea what a mux is, probably thought it was a physical switch somewhere. I know Eluktronics uses these same chassis and advertises the mux switch, hard to find which one now though because this is from 2021.

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For the holidays was thinking about this again, i7,8core16thread cpu is what attracts me the most vs. the i5,4core8 I've had, all the other stuff can be much more cheap upgrades to my existing 15" gateway that has a  better gpu 2060m 6gb Vs. 3050ti 4gb, roughly the same but that vram is a big turnoff. Only thing that would be better is dlss3 support when it comes out and the other new tech with cpu/gpu direct sharing I think. CP77 1080p DLSS performance uses about 4.7gb vram and most of my 8gb system ram which I'm likely going to grab another stick. 17" also obviously better for gaming.


Better webcam at the top now, maybe better color accuracy don't know since notebookcheck didn't review this one and details like that almost impossible to find. I'm fairly sure it's the 80w gpu from yt videos with same cpu/gpu but different branding, it's all tongfang variants. So instead of a cpu bottleneck this has a gpu bottleneck, rather have gpu bottleneck though bc most games use it more. Can get around 60fps with dips now so it's on the bubble there, would be nice to get 60 locked smooth, at the same settings this would probably do it. Shame they didn't just go 3060, that cpu should be good with 3070 as well better match but it's a budget offering so understand.

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