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I have been using the WD19DCS on a 7760 and 7560.  I need to get another dock and looking ad the WD22TB4.  I have plenty of 240W power Bricks sitting around so do not mind having to plug both into the computer.


The WD22TB4 has two Thunderbolt 4 ports.  Can these be used as regular USB-C ports as well similar to using the USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 that is on the front of both docks?







Dell 7760 | Xeon W-11955M | 64GB, 2x32GB, 3200MHz, ECC | RTX A5000 | 17.3" IPS UHD IR Cam | Boot Drive PCIe 4.0 Slot: Samsung 2TB PM91A | AHCI in Bios | Two Samsung 2TB 970 EVO Plus
Dell 7710 | Core i7 6920HQ | 40GB DDR4-2133 | NVIDIA Quadro M5000M | IGZO UHD | Primary Drive: Samsung NVMe 980 Pro 1TB SSD | Windows 10 booting UEFI with AHCI

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