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Will an HP laptop force its own CAS latency on a memory upgrade?


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I'm buying an HP 15-ef2126wm with 5500u. I want to upgrade the RAM and am facing a choice between a $50 22 CAS latency set and an $84 18 CAS latency set, both 16GB 3200MHz. Now, I'd honestly be ok paying the extra if the set actually runs at 18 CAS latency, but I assume the laptop is just going to run at the timings set in the BIOS and not what the RAM is rated for and that there won't be timing settings in the BIOS. Anyone have experience with this?


Edit: It will be limited to the RAM's JDEC profile for the laptop model I'm buying and probably most low end laptops. I wanted to check with my existing HP laptop with DDR4 but it doesn't report the memory timings in monitoring tools, only speed. However, g.skill reports that the 3200MHz 16 and 18 CAS models fall back to 22 CAS in JDEC mode and only support their lowest CAS in XMP mode. I know most of these low end laptops cannot set XMP and that they automatically select the best supported JDEC profile, so it would indeed be a waste to buy the g.skill 18 CAS version. Some of the Kingston FURY Impact models do have a 20 CAS JDEC profile.

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5500u? and care about 4 CAS latency difference? is it worth it? short answer probably not (unless your benchmarking in which case id go for it!)


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