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Dell U3023E vs. Dell U3014 30" Monitors


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Got the U3023E as an upgrade.


I like the ultra-slim bezel a lot, and no ghosting on the newer model, but color quality and vignetting have both suffered badly, so in that regard I have mixed feelings.


Impressions side by side:



  • U3023E has nice slim bezel
  • U3023E is slightly easier to read small type on for long hours; not sure how to define this one but the 3014 stressed my eyes a bit more than the 3011 before it.
  • U3023E doesn't have the "ghosting" as you scroll that was a problem of the U3014. (unless you set the U3023E to fast response which for some reason creates the weird ghosting similar to what the U3014 had)



  • U3023E has vignetting, especially noticeable on .5" on the bottom, .25" on both sides, and slightly in the upper left and right corners.  The bottom vignette or shadow is bad, almost like a shadow effect, if you look at a white square sized to 2560x1600 full screen. Practically speaking though, I have the windows task bar on the bottom of my screen and menu bars on the right and left, so no issue for my typical usage. The only task it would be really bad for would be for a full screen photo view if you were for example using a secondary monitor for all menus - that would be a no-go due to the vignetting. For normal use though, it should be acceptable.
  • Blue green colors aren't as nice or vibrant on the U3023E as on the 3014. This is my only real disappointment with the U3023E as it's nice to upgrade to a monitor that has a better image than the one you upgraded from. I'm a little disappointed that colors aren't as good on the new monitor, unless I can find a setting to tweak to get more vibrant  blue and green.  The blue greens just aren't quite as vibrant on the new monitor, maybe 90% as good for water and subtle blue green skies. Blues shift more towards navy and less towards green which in general is worse.


Interestingly the new U3023E comes with brightness and contrast set to 75 as the default value each. The previous had values set to 50 as the default. 50 on the U3014 is similar to 75 on the U3023E for brightness.


Overall both are nice. I like the 16:10 format for a large monitor quite a bit still so I'm really glad Dell still makes a 30" 16:10.

I'm a little disappointed though if I can't find a way to make blue greens just a touch more vibrant on the new U3023E to match the color rendering of the U3014.

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