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M17 R1 (2019)

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The Alienware M17 R1 was released in mid-2019 and was originally equipped with the 8th generation Coffee Lake Intel processors paired with the Turing RTX 2000 series GPUs by Nvidia.  By the end of its very short production run, it could be found with the 9th generation Coffee Lake refresh CPU, still paired to a discrete graphics solution offered by Nvidia (Turing only).  The stand apart for this particular iteration of Alienware laptops was the push towards thin and light, with this particular 17.3 inch laptop tipping the scales at just under 5 lbs (power brick not included).  This flipped the scales (pun intended) on the larger, heavier DTR approach to high performance laptops at the expense of maintainability, thermal headroom, and structural robustness.  While the philosophy behind this approach to laptop design is hotly debated among casual users and purists, that is a subject for another thread.

The 2019 M17 R1 current important driver offerings are as follows:

BIOS - 2.10.0, may lockout the ability to undervolt due to Plundervolt mitigations.  Last known BIOS version that allows undervolting was 2.2.1, with 2.4.1 largely identified as the revision that specifically targeted Plundervolt exploits.  Dell points out that it is not possible to rollback further than 2.0.4 using the BIOS flashing tools provided by the OEM, though there are other methods available that a user can deploy at their own risk.

AWCC -, A00, is a brand new version released on Jan 24, 2022.  I just installed it today and will report back with any issues.

AWCC OC Tools -, A00, is also brand new released on Jan 24, 2022.  This is a required module for all Alienware laptops, regardless if you have a K or HK series CPU.  Without it, you will not have any control over the fan profiles or temperature monitoring.

Eluktronics Mech 15 G3R - 12900H/RTX 3080ti/32 GB DDR5@4800Mhz, Fury Impact/2x 2TB Samsung 990 Pro M.2 NVMe

Alienware M17 R1 - 9750H/RTX 2070MQ/32 GB DDR4@2600Mhz, GSkill/2x 1TB Off Brand NVMe SSDs

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