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Recommend to me a music player for iOS

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I'm in the market for a better music player for iOS.  Currently, the solution I have - Apple Music - ranks third of the three platforms I've used in recent years for playing mp3s, behind Windows (where I used MusicBee and occasionally Zune) and Symbian (where I use QuasarMX, which is available for almost any platform except iOS).


What problems am I trying to solve?  Mainly:


 - I have a mix of classical and non-classical tracks.  Apple Music doesn't do a good job of classical, where the composer is the primary differentiator, not the artist.  E.g. I want to drill down on Mozart first, not whether it's played by a particular symphony.

 - Being able to filter by genre (or groups of genres), then by artist, for non-classical.  Apple Music only allows genre, then album, which is useful in some cases but not ideal in all.

 - Much less important than on desktop, but still nice to have, is the ability to display lyrics.

 - Also much less important than on desktop, but nice to have, is FLAC support.


It also must be ad free, although it does not have to be free.  All mp3s will be stored locally, no cloud/streaming services desired.

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Laptops: MSI GL63, Dell Inspiron 1520

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