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Overpowered OP-LP2 i7-8750H / GTX 1060 6GB - CPU / GPU w/Phobya Re-Paste: Resounding Success


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Per the title:  Overpowered OP-LP2  i7-8750H  /  GTX 1060 6GB - CPU / GPU w/Phobya Nanogrease Extreme Re-Paste:  Resounding Success


After 4 years, I finally got up the nerve to do this re-paste, after reading all the horror stories about stripping the phillips head screws of the CPU & GPU heat spreader. Turns out, not a big deal. I just exercised a little caution, made sure I had a nice, tight, precision phillips screwdriver that perfeclty matched the heads of the screws (there were 7, total).  Cleaned off all the rubbish OEM paste from the CPU & GPU, then applied Phobya Nanogrease Extreme thermal paste (nice, even coats with the included spreader spatula thingie on both the dies and copper sinks on the spreaders).

Laptop was relatively free of dust & debris (I routinely blow out all the dust twice a month).

Results:  Before the re-paste, the i7-8750H CPU was hitting 95°C - 97°C, when running Geekbench, Cinebench R23, Prime95. Now max temps are 73°C with those same benchmarks, and posting even higher compute numbers. 

GTX-1060 6GB GPU was hitting 76°C on various stress tests, now maxing at 66°C.

Am thrilled with these results - almost too good to be true. Cannot recommend Phobya Nanogrease Extreme enough.

btw, I didn't sh*t house the heat spreader screws when I tightened them all back up.  Just snugged them up tight, the way they were from the factory.


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glad that worked. I personally would go with IC diamond. it doesnt scratch the die and diamonds are the best thermal conductors


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