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Greetings everyone,


I used to lurk on NBR forums from time to time until, well... it disappeared. Just recently I have found out about this forums. For whatever reason, I always felt that upgradable/not soldered GPUs topic in notebooks is interesting, so I wanted to be up to date with recent advancements. I especially remember @Ionising_Radiation success with RTX3000 DGFF upgrade on Dell Precision 7530. Or flashing 7730 vBIOS on P3200 to get a better performance. There were other notable people (like someone running GTX 1070 on 8770W), but sadly I no longer remember the names...


After some recent events, I became an owner of HP ZBook 17 G3 (it was around the same time, when I found out about the forums). Device was BIOS-dead (2 long beeps, 2 shot beeps error), but with a help from some service, device is working fine now and I would love to see what it is capable of. I would like to upgrade the GPU to Pascal, as current GPU feels really dated (it would be nice to have something on RTX A2000 4GB level, minus DLSS and RayTracing), but after reading about problems with vBIOS or even lack of vBIOS chip, I would like to learn more first, to not buy something which I cannot use.

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