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New Section for Older Computers/Builds?


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Hi all!

I feel like having a forum section dedicated to retro/older stuff (visible on the main page) would be helpful as there is a vast wealth of knowledge in this forum, and I would assume that there are many users here who are knowledgeable about older computers. Often times, older computers can be a PITA due to driver issues, etc.


It would also be cool to have a place to post about restoration projects, since the problems along the way would be helpful to others.


Lmk if anyone else is interested in such a topic!

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I like the idea.  How much traffic would there be?  Only one way to find out.  But I've got a Pentium II sitting under my desk right now, and indeed it's always been a pain getting drivers working with its network card...


That reminds me too, I need to go back and finish that blog post on getting WiFi up and working on a 1997 ThinkPad...

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I would be down with that.  I am in the process of looking for my old P2 system I had put away for vintage 3.5" floppy games and games from the sierra namesake.  Got to love those. 

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YES PLEASE. This is a must have...

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Mobile Workstation - Dell inspiron 5406 2 in 1 - mobile creative beast

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@Reciever is it possible to add a Laptop benchmark thread or area, alot of people here are interested in laptop benchmarks. I can think of 4 people that are wanting this.

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9 minutes ago, ryan said:

general? where?


on my screen it just shows 3 sub sections that are uninteresting

General, sub-section number 4.


make a thread if you want a retro build thread, not making another section for retro builds when there isnt a single thread for them on the forum presently.

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