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Long time no see, Used to be on NBR, finally went back on to see what I could get for work and saw that this is where everyone moved to. I used to play around with Alienware M17xR2 and M18xR1/R2's with the others, 1 of the few that actually got 980m's to work as well. Anywho. Hoping to run into old members like Mr. Fox and a few others. Nice to see everyone.

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welcome to NBT. good to see you

Neo : Omen 16 2021 | i7-11800h | 64Gb ram | RTX 3060 (140w)  | 3tb   | 1080p 100srgb 144hz |  Windows 10 | Sony 55X85J  | ROG Flare | Razer basilisk X 

Morpheus : Hp DY2008CA | 16Gb ram | Intel XE  | 1tb  | AtlasOS

Trinity : Hp X360 Chromebook

Agent : Acer 311 Chromebook  

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