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Counterfeit RAM on Ebay


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Hello, I was an old member of NBR. I didn't post much but read a lot of the material over the years.


I have a MSI GT70 that is over 8 years old and I went to upgrade it from 16gb to 32gb for a bit of fun with the possibility of prolonging its use. I couldn't get the Kingston Hyper X ddr3l 9-9-9-27 on Amazon that I already have in the 16gb (and have since realised that Kingston have rebranded to Kingston Fury), so I purchased Kingston DDR3 memory on Ebay that says that is was CL9.


Attached are my results: or https://ibb.co/QCc6vzS as an alternative weblink. The image has my before and after from 16gb to 32gb and I understand that slots 2 and 4 (underneath my keyboard) are the genuine Kingston Hyper X and the slots 1 and 3 (that I've just purchased) are something counterfeit.


I should feel a slight grievance right? Although it serves me right for purchasing on Ebay I guess. I have e-mailed the seller to ask them to modify future listings of their to say CL11 as opposed to CL9.


I am going to throw these two on the bin and look to purchase a genuine Kingston CL9 once again. Can I mix my old Hyper X branding with the new Fury if the specifications are the same?






MSI GT70 2QD (November 2014)

i7 4710mq 2.5ghz


2TB Sandisk Ultra SSD

DDR3L 16GB 9-9-9-37 RAM

RAM 16GB to 32GB.png

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I bought "1866Mhz" RAM (which has the 1866mhz sticker) but clearly it was a 1600Mhz RAM faked as 1866Mhz. Also bought on eBay. 

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I was thinking to get some nice HyperX 2133Mhz RAM on feebay for my ranger....glad I didn't do it now. I will buy local and to hell with ebay.

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I guess I've been lucky so far, got a matching stick lately and it worked out fine, dual channel mode and all, it was in the crucial package but had been opened, described erroneously as new.


A lot of people are NOT experts at the details of ram so it's hard to think this was some intentional scam, ebay has really good options if you are a buyer for sending back easily for a full refund etc Selling on ebay is another story, lots of risk there and I've only sold here and there on eb. Better to get an exact match for the PN of your ram and only search for that number that has a pic showing the exact model number, so no confusion possible. May pay more but you know exactly what you're getting.

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Thanks for the replies.


Yeah, it's a bit of a lesson for me but I wouldn't have fallen for it if I knew that Kingston had done a rebranding of their products. The one that I need to purchase is: KF316LS9IBK2/16. It will cost me approximately 3x more than the CL11 fake but I want to be fussy.


I think that the ebay seller is a bit deceiving with thousands of feedback >99% and I'm giving them time to respond in my request that they be honest with others in the future about what they're selling, but I won't hold my breath there. Tomorrow I will make time to see if the fake 16gb of RAM passes Memtest OK before I take it out of the laptop and throw them away.

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