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Precision 5540 Owner's Thread

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For all the world's 3 users of 5540, starting this topic in case someone someday got something to write :O)

In my case, excellent & solid machine. Second-hand 2020 model at a good price. 2 years in my use with no problems (apart from a tired battery. Ref. my earlier posts, use only original Dell !).

One thing I'd one day look into, boot time (on > bios > bitlocker pw > desktop) somewhat slower than expected. Keyboard is fine, apart from strong light bleeding in front of keys when not viewed from optimmal position.

Superb 500+ nits matte display (main reason for buying) perfect for my image editing work. Machine fast enough for anything I do or plan doing. Minimal heat and completely silent under all normal use.

Sharp SHP16BA display
Samsung 980 1TB, Seagate 1TB
W10 LTSC + O&O ShutUp

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Dell Precision 5540 w10 ltsc 2019 \ O&O shutup, Dell E7440 w8.1, Tosh w8.1, Lenovo w10 pro.
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