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HP Omen 16.1, i7-12700H CPU, RTX-3060. Spotty Performance. Disabled Intel Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service = EUREKA! 100% Success.


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Per the title:  HP Omen 16.1 laptop, i7-12700H CPU,  nVidia RTX-3060 GPU (6GB), 32 GB DDR5-4800MHz.   Windows 11 Home 22H2.  Spotty / inconsistent, very disappointing performance. Constant throttling. I disabled Intel Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service =  EUREKA! 100% Success.  Laptop came alive.  Awesome performance, no more throttling or choppy performance issues.


Back in October 2022 I purchased an HP Omen 16.1 notebook from BestBuy, hoping to get a half-decent, high performance gaming laptop (moderate gaming, tbh).  Results were very disappointing.  Very choppy performance, overall...sluggish context switching / multitasking.  Constant throttling down to 400 MHz across 14 cores / 20 threads.

I scoured the Interwebz for a solution and finally (at a point of desperation), i found a website that recommended turning off the "Intel Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface Service".  My laptop came alive!  It finally DELIVERS.  Amazing, top-tier performance.  Fast, smooth *everything*, especially heavy multitasking / context switching. Am now a believer in Intel's "Thread Director" tech.   Running both Firestorm 6.6.8 Second Life viewer *and* the LL Second Life viewer, both very high GFX settings, 2560x1440 full screen, both viewers getting in excess of 80 fps (was lucky to see 40 fps before)  Temps spike to almost 100°C but that's to be expected in this form factor.

- Trev

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