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Cleaning rarely used keyboard, Clevo P670


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Since i am using my machine as a DTR with an external display, my laptop keyboard is rarely in use. To be honest, it's only mobile when on business trips.


I now have found a couple of keys a little unresponsive - they are not sticky or getting stuck, but i have to push them harder to get them to function than ever before.


Whar is your preferred way of cleaning such a keyboard? Or should i inspect single keys first?

2017 Clevo Laptop, TuxedoOS/Win11

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In my work as notebook repair technician I use brush and compressed air, brush keys from everyside and use air simultaneously. If it is really really dirty I use glass cleaner 50:50 mixed with izopropyl alcohol and VERY VERY carefuly clean keyboard taking just little bit of mixture. That way is only for your own responsibility, but I find it cleans gunk and wet dirt very nicely. Sometimes I even pry out keys,but that is very dangerous for key mechanism. I recommend only first one, cheers!

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