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New Fairphone: repairability, software support & more


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On 8/30/2023 at 10:32 PM, Etern4l said:

If only they could make it really fair by degoogling it.

...and loose most potential buyers > immediate bankruptcy :O) Looking at what happened to Huawei.
But offering a degoogled os option (and their own safe app site) would be a nice move though, could harvest buyers among the privacy conscious, on top of those attracted by the sustainable side.

But (in my Samsungs at least) all and every Google app can be disabled directly in app settings. Strangely enough, as one would believe Google would have chosen to cement and lock all their apps. And for those who know a little, all easilly uninstalled with adb. But I do not know what will leak to Google from other apps \ the os itself.

Anyway, got to live (and deal) with things or stop using a smartphone. btw, Apple do not (-I believe-, got no recent Iphone experience) gives any and all causual user the possibility to disable all Apple apps. In that context Android is better out of the box.

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Am higly appreciating the good intentions and was looking forward to reviews. But...

"Other handsets in the same class offer superior performance, longer battery life, nicer displays, faster charging and far superior camera performance. After all, those are a smartphone's key selling points, and the Fairphone 5 seems to miss them all."


Dell Precision 5540 w10 ltsc 2019 + O&O shutup, Dell E7440 w8.1, Tosh w8.1, HP i5 desktop w10 ltsc + O&O shutup
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I like the idea of the Fairphone, but it would be nice if there were options for lower-end/less expensive configurations (and ideally, a second, smaller model).  I don't need multiple cameras, and while nice, I don't need an OLED display.  And while it may be considered a slow CPU by today's standards, I'm probably fine with a slower CPU, too.  But the upgradeability/maintainability is really nice.


I also wish they had the courage to include a headphone jack, but sadly, few companies seem to be that courageous these days...


In an ideal world, I'd probably buy such a midrange/smaller-screen, de-Googled but headphone-jacked Fairphone... but given the direction of changes from the 4 to 5, I'll probably just stick with an older iPhone.

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I am perfectly aware that online security does not exist, but with Android never again in this world! The intention is good but it is the operating system that is wrong, I would rather pay apple to write the code for the new operating system.

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