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[WTB] Clevo P775 Barebones !!


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Hey everyone


As the title says I am looking for Clevo P775dm3-P775tm1  Barebones....It can also be have a faulty motherboard...individual parts are also welcome..


Excluded parts are cpu,gpu,ram,ssd,hdd..


Let's see how it goes 😀 



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I've got two 17.3" Clevos (P775TM1) in pristine condition. Selling one- Looks new, zero scratches, dents, signs of wear, etc. However, I'm currently in the process of replacing the battery and upgrading the 1080 gpu to a 2070 Refresh. Barebones, my offer to you would be EUR 829.

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On 9/12/2023 at 8:05 PM, zex4 said:

Hey buddy sry missed this thread somehow 

Tbh from what I heard the actual barebone prices are around 450...euro with standard 1080p and nvidia 10gen heatsink....

Ebay UK 775TM 9700k 2060 630GPB
775TM Motherboard Canada

775TM 8700 GTX1080 UHD 800eur germany

So far i can find these laptops on ebay, maybe local websites for you can be found 775 barebones.

Clevo P751TM1-G 8700K/16GB/GTX 1080@120W/1.5TB/FHD 144 G-Sync/ Asus PG279Q

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