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m18 - New 5800MHz XMP RAM now an option via Dell !!


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As above Dell UK via the link below currently offer an option of 5800Mhz XMP RAM. Typically no details provided via Sales or online as to make/model or importantly CAS latency (im assuming CL46). Support documentation has also not yet been updated and still only details 4800Mhz as supported speeds (though first edition on launch did state upto 5800Mhz i remember clearly).


Its just interesting that Intel lists the i9-13980HX as only supporting upto 5600Mhz, does XMP overcome this? Also I cannot find any third party SODIMM at this speed, whilst Kingston Fury does not support that speed according to its site, instead 4800, 5200, 5600, 6000 and 6400.




Anyone have experience with this or have anything to share? I have asked Dell to provide further detail and whether its an upgrade option for existing systems as it was not seen via the upgrade parts section of their site.

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Alienware m18 R1            : Intel Core i9 13980HX (-140mv) | nVidia GeForce RTX 4090 (+220/800) | 32GB Kingston Fury 5600 @ CL40 

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