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P750DM-(G) Dsanke BIOS does not work with BGA1440 CPUs


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Hi guys,


I was using DSANKE bios (I belive it is from P750DM3 with ME_DISABLED) to upgrade my P750DM barebone for I5 9600KF and it worked great. I wanted to upgrade for 8 cores and lower TDP and purchased E-2286M BGA CPU from Aliexpress. Sadly, it did not work. I thought it must be a bad contact due to bare crystal or something and ordered i7 9750H (6/12 core CPU) with lid package.  It also did not work. Laptop just does not start. Both CPUs are working fine in modded with CoffeMod 0.99 MSI Z170 board and ME disabled.


Anyone running BGA CPUs succesfully on P7xxx models? What BIOS you use? I can dump mine, but I am pretty sure it is latest stock bios from DSANKE, I never did any tweaks to it. 

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  • Alex69 changed the title to P750DM-(G) Dsanke BIOS does not work with BGA1440 CPUs

Hi, if you have dsanke unlocked bios installed, buy a 8 core 9700 non K /  T  /  K or 9900 non K /  T  /  K cpu and set the tdp limit + core speed  like me for lower heat and noise. Or just disable turbo boost , and will go at stock speed on all cores. 9700T and 9900T has lower TDP by factory.



Clevo P751TM1-G \I9-9900@ 3.1ghz 45W\32GB 2666 mhz ramkit\RTX 2080 150W\ 2X500GB nvme SSD's\4K Sharp IGZO screen\

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