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Precision 7810 PCIe Quad NVME Adapter


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Good Evening everyone! 


I have recently re-engaged with a VM sandbox now that I finally found an image that seems to work with my T7810 Precision. Currently working off of ESXi 6.7 Update 3, anything newer doesnt seem to finish installation.


I also have a PCIe to 4x NVME adapter that is currently populated with some NVME drives I was hoping to use for this sandbox. 2x 1TB, 1x 512GB and 1x 256GB of various makes/models. The issue at hand is that only 1 NVME drive being detected, the other 3 dont seem to register in ESXi.


From what I had read there is no setting to explicitly enable PCie bifurcation and that its supposed to work "automatically" upon detection. The PCIe adapter is currently sitting in the second full length PCIe slot.


Anyone got any ideas for what I should try out? I might try resetting the BIOS to defaults and see if that prompts any changes.


Thanks in advance! 

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