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Rubber feet fell off, made my own!


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So had this Alienware M15X for a few years now and the rubber feet had fallen off. So laptop always slid around and blocked ventilation when not propped up. 

So I took some screw in rubber feet from a custom keyboard I built and drilled two holes and mounted these against the plastic.


pretty strong and raise it enough too!




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Nice, what I did on mines was, grab and old black cord (ac adapter for old phones or something that is thick) , cut it and glue it in. Looks like OEM as well. Works on palm rest as well. 

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The original feet on one of my older (2008) laptops succumbed to rubber rot years ago and I gave it new feet by sticking on those little self-adhesive rubber pads you can get from a hardware store for sticking on the bottom of chair legs and other furniture to protect the flooring.


This worked so well I've gone and done it for all my newer machines too (*). Gives a few mm extra height for better airflow and being more springy than the built-in feet it means the laptop doesn't feel and sound so 'hard' when I'm typing fast which is the main reason I added them. It really makes a big difference in comfort. Before that I felt like I was typing directly on the table!


(* except the Precision 7540 which has nasty long rubber pads across the entire width of the base instead of discrete feet. I don't really like this design. )



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