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M15x with Clevo GTX 980m results


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This appears to be limited to around 80w.   It's running very cool at about 78c for GPU Hot Spot.  I had read on the old site that the GTX 980m was a no go due to heat.  I am guessing that the issue was an unlocked card?  Even with the TDP limit, it's a significantly faster than the M4000M.




The hardware ID is different from the Dell card so the inf mod required a bit more work.

Modified inf file for driver version 511.65: nvdmig.inf

13D8 = Dell GTX 970m

13D7 = Dell GTX 980m

1617 = Clevo GTX 980m


Firestrike graphics score is about 21% higher than my Quadro M4000M

Quadro M4000M




Clevo GTX 980m






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Added modified inf file.
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PowerSpec 1520: i7-8750H, RTX 2070 (115w), 32GB, 500GB WD Black NVME, 2TB Crucial MX500 SATA

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