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Second Order of Business


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Good Evening everyone! 


I have been paying attention to a number of requests or oddities that appear, that need a resolution along with what current areas of the forum have interest enough to carry themselves or ones that need to be consolidated. This is by no means a permanent solution and over time we may gain more traffic in these consolidated spaces may grow to have dedicated locations once more.

I know it may appear as though not much is going on the surface, however we are very much making progress in certain important bends that over time you all may come to recognize in the coming days. I am also getting feedback from various sources and trying to make the best path forward for the forum, and you all, the community are also a part of this process. 

  • We are going to be reviving the currently missing WLSIB template, as that had always been a mainstay and allows for uninformed to pick the brains of the community. 
  • Some of the forums will be rearranged and/or consolidated. The content will be retained.
  • A number of idea's are currently in infancy, and I look forward to getting the feedback from you all as we determine its viability

This Friday I will be opening a poll for what we will name the forum, I think it would be fair to leave it open for one week, unless there are zero votes for 48 hours. I have to balance the community with attempting to establish the name of the forum. With that in mind please bear in the mind the following: 

  1. Anyone that has a suggestion must get it to me by Friday @ 10PM CST. Please PM me with the suggestions and we will attempt to grab the names if they pass internal scrutiny.
  2. Anyone that knows members that are here and registered, but dont surf everyday to ping them so they can make sure they get in their vote.


There are many irons in the fire, and I cant wait to share them with you all! However just like how we didnt open the flood gates as soon as this forum was technically up, we will make sure it can work well here. 

Thats all I have for the moment, and I look forward to continued dialogue with everyone! 


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