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27 minutes ago, Reciever said:

I have been looking at the Sager section a little bit and was thinking it might need some love in a similar token to how Alienware is currently formatted. Forgive me, all, I am not as familiar with all the different models of Clevo/Sager/Eurocom systems.

I might be a bit wrong, but this is what I have drilled into my head:

  • P8xx/P7xx series that have the MXM GPUs and desktop CPUs. (P8xx series having 2 MXM slots.)
  • I think the P9xx and P6xx were thicker laptops that had high end BGA GPUs and CPUs
  • The N series were mostly just thinner P9xx and P6xx laptops that had more mid-range BGA CPUs and GPUs (I might be wrong on this one)
  • The W series are a weaker N series, with more consumer oriented components, some of them have weak GPUs while others just use the iGPU (I might also be wrong on this one.)
  • Older P1xx and P3xx that had MXM but the QM/MQ CPUs. (P3xx series having 2 MXM slots.)
  • There's the P5xx which had SLI with the HEDT CPUs
  • Newer X170 series with single MXM GPU and newer desktop CPUs.
  • Eurocom had the Tornado F5/F7 series, being built off of the MSI GT62 and GT72 respectively.
  • I know that Clevo had the X7200 and X8100 but there may be more in this category of "Pre-P series." X7200 had MXM with a desktop CPU and X8100 had MXM with QM CPUs.
  • The D series that was around before the X7200 and X8100. Some had Nehalem chips while older ones had Core 2 chips.

Again, I might be a bit wrong, but this is what I have understood after studying Clevo for a while lol. There's also other series, but they are quite obscure.

Having categories for those would be good enough in my opinion. If its too much, you could combine the P1xx P3xx with the P5xx series and combine the older X series with the D series


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Thanks :) 

I know through time I could find every model and have them listed, however despite the healthy starting point we dont have enough traffic to justify a sub-forum for every system. Ideally we would want to be able to have those threads kept in some degree of isolation so that splitting them remains a viable task without overburdening the moderators as well as Admin's.

I have a few ideas still in infancy, but I would like to hear more opinions before I take any actions.

BTW @Tenoroon I will get the MXM cards out back to you on Saturday, dont think I have forgotten about you! I'll PM you with the tracking number Saturday afternoon :) 

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we could structure the forum like it was before on NBR.

It had two subsections:

Owner's lounge


We could also have a third folder:

Guides and technical support -> that's where the Clevo BIOS thread should be

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We could pin specific model lounges on top, and let everything else in a general section, kinda like in og NBR.

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The good old sorting by topics, as it was in the NBR, fully met all the requirements, I see no reason to radically change something in this regard.

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