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Recommend Me A Game Thread


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So a few people here have been searching for a game or two that they might fancy, here's a thread as a follow up.


Please don't be too general, the more details you give the closer to a game you would likely enjoy can be recommended


Top 10 games of all time and you can't go wrong unless your not a gamer






1) Half Life 1 +2

2) Elderscrolls Skyrim

3) Crysis

4) Forza Horizon 5

5) Baldurs GATE 3

6) Fallout 4

7) God of War

8. Unchartered 1 + 2

9) Grand Theft Auto 5

10) Red Dead Redemption 2



these games are must haves in your collection, there are many more and a list below will light up eventually detailing them




------------------------------Recommend A Game (indies welcome)-------------------------------------------------------------------------

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i tried playing the witcher 1 twice... but i gave up. the combat wasnt a issue..  the alchemy the quests. specially the quests.. i selected several quests pointed me to a location and there were nothing there. often i have to check walkthroughs.  idk i even read the quests and didnt understand what i needed to be done next not like oblivion or morrowind.

is the witcher 2 the same in quests.?

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How you can forget games like:

Starcraft 1 & 2, and expansions

Age of Empires 1



Witcher 3 (not interested in the sex scenes though..)

NFS games

Firewatch (great atmosphere)


Counter Strike



. and there are a ton others. There is never enough time to play through them all.


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there are alot of good games, around 200. I own just about every AAA title great to good. I think iv'e installed 130 takes up 4tb but its nice being in the mood for the odd game and just booting it up for half an hour. relaxing playing mindless games. speaking of which I might boot up forza horizon or motorsport soon, I love these games just have a gripe. why do games from 2008 look just as good as games from 2023, like sure they look slightly better but 15 years of improvement? more like 1 month of improvement.


            Omen 16 2021

            Zenbook 14 oled

            Vivobook 15x oled


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