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M11x R3 with a i7-2657m inquiry

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Does an m11x R3 with a i7-2657m actually exist? I've seen speculation/rumors from old articles but have never seem to find at least an old listing of one that was sold. If they do exist, would it be worth it to wait for that specific mobo to appear or just get a i7-2637m? or a i7-2617m? Because i've seen listings of those mobos. Unless theres something better than the i7-2657m? I have an m11x R1 and looking to replace it with a better mobo as a hobby.

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The ports from the R3 are completely different to the R1 so you won't be able to just slip in the updated board. 


The R3 was definitely released with the i7-2657M. 

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If you can find ANY i7 motherboard, you should get it as they are rare, at least in US. 


You can probably buy the chassis itself from eBay or Aliexpress and build one from the ground up like I did or use as many parts as you can interchange. 

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Without any bios modding the best that can be done which requires some BGA work is going to be a i7-2715QE and it will likely throttle. With more effort mainly towards modding the bios there is a chance the i7-3615QE will work as well and is obviously faster.


Here is an example of such a project.



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