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KVM switch for 2 laptops / 1 display


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As mobile working has been getting more important for me, I would like to free the setup on my desk from a few cables.


I have a Surface Pro 7+ fro work and a Clevo gaming laptop (see signature), which are currently connected to a 32" 4K@60Hz display via HDMI+DP.


The Surface has a USB-A and a USB-C port (both 5Gbit, USB-C with PD), the gaming laptop has 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C 10Gbit ports. Connection preferable via USB-C in each case.


I would like to be able to connect both laptops at the same time. Input devices run via Bluetooth. A camera, printer (USB-A) and an external USB-C hard drive are mandatory USB devices. 1Gbit ethernet too, of course.


The Surface should be chargeable via USB-C PD (60+W), the gaming laptop has its own 200W power supply. Then I don't need the Surface power supply anymore.


I've only ever used docking stations for individual devices, which is why I'm asking what the right product is for switching between the laptops?


In the medium/long term, it might not be a bad idea if the docking station supports 4K@120Hz in case I ever buy a monitor with a higher frequency.


Any advice?

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I now know that this only works properly with a KVM switch.


To simplify the search a little, I have shortened the minimum requirements; all KVM switches should fulfil the rest:


2x USB-C host connection (1x with at least 60W PD)
At least 1 additional USB-C port
1x DP (4K/120+Hz ready)
1x RJ45, 1Gbit is sufficient

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  • Linux changed the title to KVM switch for 2 laptops / 1 display

The requirements kind of confuse me a bit as it seems (to me) that you want a KVM that also functions as a dock? 


Wendell's products in that genre are all derived from Rextron which is a Taiwan based manufacturer. I have been testing a couple of their products for work purposes, while it appears they wont work for my scenario they are fairly well made. 


I dont think I have seen a a KVM with an Ethernet port that functions as internet access. You will find some that have it included but usually for the purpose of serial command (remote control of the KVM)

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I had a couple of days to brood about the situation and the longer i think about it, it makes less sense. The improvement for my current situation would be minimal. It would make more sense to invest in a display upgrade with an integrated USB-C hub or KVM switch. Most of these already support USB PD up to 65 or 100W. There are even gaming displays on the market with these specs.

Time to think some more about it. 😭

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